How to format input for Moxa iOLogik E2242?


i’ll have to work with the Moxa iOLogik E2242 ( and was wondering how to communicate with this device.

The values have to be send via TCP/UDP like this:

Is the “AsRaw”, like used in the help-patch of the TCP-node, the solution?
How do I have to format the value before sending via TCP to the devices IP-address?



Modbus is a Protocol…

I think with just AsRaw it will be quite heavy patching, to implement the Protocol in a module.
But there are lots of Modbus implementations in C# in the Web, so writing a Node should’t be to difficult.

Maybe this could be a start

Or maybe you are lucky and somebody already has written a Node.


Hey d0t,

thanks for your reply and link to the code-example.
The code is commented pretty well and it seems achievable to implement it in VVVV.

But as it is for a client who doesn’t want to spend “days” for this, we will switch to and use the IO (W+T Digital-EA)-Node.