How to fill up a spread

Hallo zusammen!

I need to fill up a spread without changing the spreadcount

eg: i have a spread of 100 slices full with zeros,
and i want to fill it up with 100 different values

not all the new values came together or in blocks
at each bang i fill a new value in at the next position into the spread.

at first bang i got a value on slice one and 0 on the next 99 slices
at second bang the value on position 0 shifts to position 1 and a new
values comes in at position 0. Now I got two values at pos 0 and 1,
and 0 on the next 89 slices and the spreadcount is always 100.
and so on…

How do i do that???

Sorry in case this question came a billion of time already
but i tryed all what i could…

sounds like RingBuffer (Spreads)

thanks for quick reply!
actually i worked it out with stallone + cons
maybe it’s easyer with ringbuffer but i didn’t get it to work this way :l

I attached my ‘roundabout’ solution

fill_it_up.v4p (21.6 kB)