How to fade text over video?

How can I make the text layer fades over the video? Maybe making a mask of text… But the problem is that the pillow does fade to the whole render and not just the text. I tried to pick each renders with a DX9.Texture and then join them but it still fails.Help please! Thanks a lot!

fadetextovervideo.v4p (36.6 kB)

fades over the video

with the group node, put text after the video, and use HSV or Alpha nodes

I can’t find the solution, anyone can correct my patch. Thanks a lot!

hi, i have the same trouble to read and make your patch with TEXT EX9 , i tried from blank patch and just discover TEXT EX9 was broken.

i dont believe this to be a vvvv bug.

i would recommand you to reinstall first .NET 3.5 or 4.0

.NET has been updated recently updated on my machine, and maybe have broken something ( i hate this .NET thing and weaknesses )

here is your patch with TEXT in other way

fadetextovervideo 2.v4p (13.8 kB)

You could try this. Uses textures instead.

fadetextovervideo3.v4p (41.2 kB)

Thanks a lot!! that’s what I need!! Textures are the solution…I was going crazy trying the wrong way.
Thank you very much! Thanks to all!