How to expose MidiInputDevice to vvvv?

I would like to write a VL plugin with a MidiIn node. The MidiInputDevice of MidiIn should be selectable from vvvv. Is that possible somehow?

vvvv doesn’t know about the MidiInputDevice type of course. So could I use String instead and use that to configure the MidiInputDevice in VL? I can’t find a node to configure a MidiInputDevice though.


if i understand you correctly, you could try the approach that we take for the FirmataBoard node, which internally is patched in vl, but exposes the dynamic COMPort input to vvvv. have a look inside the FirmataBoard (Devices) module and follow the Port Name input. let me know if that helps…

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Thanks, @joreg.

The patch you mentioned looks promising and uses Create Comport. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an analogue Create MidiInputDevice though.

you can create dynamic enums in vvvv, so you would need to output the available devices and create the enum, then pass the string to vl and create the enum entry. did you enable advanced nodes in the vl nodebrowser (press TAB)?


this is how you can get the valid entries:

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That did the trick. Cheers!

What differentiates advanced nodes from regular ones though?

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