How to duplicate layers/spreads at specific positions

Hi folks,

I would like to duplicate spreads, without changing the spreads count.

In the example attached I try to position at 3 different place, but the spread is splitted.
How to remain with the same numbers of slices for the spreads but at different positions?

Cube duplication (29.1 kB)


Maybe this helps. I’m not sure why your patch doens’t work tho.



cube duplication2.v4p (8.9 kB)

The simplest solution would be LinearSpread after Cross…

@drehwurm Please note that your patch is producing 5^6 number of overlapping quads, because you are spreading second LinearSpread Input: 55 = 25 values that in Cross become 252525 = 15625, while it would be (5^3)3 the correct number, meaning 555 = 125 (first cube of cubes) and then * 3 = 375.

TEST-1_mod.v4p (30.9 kB)

@h99: yes doing a linearspread is good when the positions are linear.
But in fact I have to replicate the cube 24 times along various positions X and Y from the original patch.
Like this:

Is it possible to do it after? …
Like a duplication of layers but not the texture to keep 3d effect/movement from the initial cube?

@h99 Ooops… yeah I noticed! Thanks :-)

like this?

Resample.v4p (22.5 kB)

Yes Its like that

thanks for the trick I just had to switch the values but its works like a charm

Like this?

Ops, little late.

TEST-1_mod2.v4p (16.5 kB)