How to do horizontal scrolling

Hello everyone, help me make vertical scrolling/swiping of elements in a row.
With the help of LFO, I made an automatic rewinding of all the elements that are in the linearspread. How can I make it so that I can sort of scroll (swipe, scroll) these elements? Please help me, please!

I built a thing like this. It seems to scroll, but there is a problem. If my touch is not pressed, the empty linearspread value disappears. If pressed, the LinearSpread appears accordingly. I decided to try to set values via switch - 0 if nothing is pressed, if pressed, then input from Touch is received. - It didn’t help, it reads from the Touch anyway and arrives without pressing an empty value

Hard to tell from a screenshot. Please attach your patch.

If you are just starting out with learning vvvv, do yourself a favor and use vvvv gamma instead.
Beta is obsolete.

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The project was completed using v4p, I share the file

You forgot to include the used subpatches (& assets). And this seems to be a commercial project (originally developed by someone else)?

That’s right, I didn’t develop the project…The last developer merged


Can you help with Automatia, maybe somewhere I can read about how to connect the “windows”. I want to use the Main button to switch to Accept from Accept to State_Shooting.

Написал вот такой переход, вроде работает, но почему-то меня переводит на пустое окно, без элементов, в чем может быть причина? Может быть сталкивался кто-то?

Все, спасибо. Смог сделать сам :)