How to divide the image into fragments ("broken mirror")?


How can I divide the image\texture into fragments (like “broken mirror” look attached image)?
Each fragment is 2D object with its own texture.
And I can manipulate with fragment like with ordinary quade.

Example video

Any suggestions?


PS: sorry for my bad English.
Ive searched and digged in. But I have not any idea.

К-4.jpg (107.3 kB)

hi, you can use the deform by texture shader:

then make a renderer with some objects that have different red and green values. make a texture out of it (with DX9Texture) and use it as the displacement texture…

Woww :) its working, thanks tonfilm!

Is there possible solution to attach image to fragment (to rotate the piece with the image) ?

you could also make a 2d mesh of your mirror fragments
apply normal texture coordinates (map 2d coords to 2d positions) then add some noise to the texture coords
remember to not recycle your vertices

that would allow you then to manipulate the geometry of your mirror (by moving the positions of the vertices, or splitting them into seperate meshes and using Transform)

deform by texture’s probably what you’re looking for though

tonfilm, can you explain little more how this works? I don’t understand what red and green values do you mean. Can you attach some help patch to shine the light on my confused brain?
thanks and happy 2010 to everybody