How to disrupt a render

a weird question :)

sometimes when i start vvvv i got some really nice “disrupted” pictures (see attached file).
is there a way to reproduce such “effects”?


differenz_batch_hoch_megapixel-DirectX Renderer#0.jpg (739.3 kB)

disable clearing and resize the renderer …

strange works not all the time for me.
i have to disable the quad with the texture and disable clearing.
otherwise nothing happens even when i set clearing to 0 and resizing the renderer …

anyway thanks for the fast answer!

when creating a renderer directx seem to just find an unused memory area and marks that as the space where upcoming rendering results should go.

what you are seeing are probably leftover textures, backbuffers and vertex buffers. so it might help to do heavy rendering or application switching before using tonfilms technique - otherwise you might just find leftover backbuffers (which are probably still black)

simulating the effect would be of course easy.

I love a bit of glitch!
I’ve made similar looking stuff with dynamic texture, but how would you go about it oschatz?
I’ve just started fiddling with pshaders again, looking to make some glitchy stuff, so any pointers wouldnt go amiss with my basic math skills!


i found another way with ScreenShot (EX9.Texture), if you change the handle input randomly:

CaptureWindow.v4p (3.2 kB)


no, with that patch nothing happens even when change the handle pin at the sreenshot node. to be more exactly i was not able to get any texture from the screenshot node. the only thing was a change from black to white …

what i have to do exactly?

i fear the screenshot node has the same problem as the dynamic textures. needs a power of 2 texture on some graphiccards but doesn’t adjust correctly automatically. so with the screenshot node…since you can’t give it a size you have to use rectangle mode and choose the parameters so that they form a texture with powers of two on both sides. open a tty renderer and see what is spits out while you change the rect size…