How to display objects in two renderers at different scales?

I’d like to draw a set of objects in two different renderers at different scales. Imagine two renderers, each with a map of the same area but at very different magnifications; I’d like to have one set of objects show up in each, properly positioned on each map.

The only way I can figure out how to do this is to create duplicate objects (quads, lines, etc.) where the position data is modified by a transform for each renderer. Very, very, messy. I tried creating a spread of two transforms and feeding those to each object, but getslice doesn’t work with layers so I can’t un-bundle the spread of object layers.

And I don’t want to use texture mapping as that forces a resolution that will become obvious at higher magnifications. Playing with the view and projection renderer inputs also distorts the background map/image (different in each renderer).

Any suggestions to keep from duplicating every object for each renderer? Thanks a bunch!

TwoMapsTest.v4p (6.3 kB)

try the camera (transform softimage)

you have to use the View Transform of each renderer for that. if you have static objects which should not be affected by the view use the WithinProjection or WithinViewPort nodes.

you can do it something like in the attached patch

TwoMapsTest2.v4p (6.3 kB)

Thanks tonfilm for the pointer! “WithinNormalizedProjection” does what I want and keeps the two maps “full screen” so I can use different view transforms for each renderer/map and the common objects can be scaled for each map. And thanks Luper and sunep, I wasn’t clear that I needed different background images in each renderer so just changing the view wouldn’t work.

TwoMapsTest3.v4p (14.5 kB)