How to delay string

hi .
i can t find how to delay a string ,
for example i have many different things to send through serial , and i have to delay some string for it not to be sent simultaneously than some other data

for example i found how to delay bang with the adsr , even if it is not “clean” it kinda works

but why isn t there delay nodes , that has a input pin and a time pin , that the input pin get out delayed of the value of the time pin ?

for simple frame delay, use framedelay node

for simple timed delay maybe monoflop+togedge would be easier

for more you might look at tonifilm’s nice process plugin process-(animation)

Delay (Animation)

waouw , that was easy

you know this situation when you try to find a node named Delay , maybe 100 times and you don t find it , then somebody says why don t you use the Delay node ,
and you try to find it again , then it exist …

thanks !

i am also interested in analyzing the process animation node , that seems to be a nice thing to be able to use

thank you guys