How to define a color space and transformation of an specific slice


how can I define transformation and set limits to the HSV colorspace for specific slices in spreads according to sound. I tried to get this with GetSlice but the result was very creepy (as you can see in the right renderer of appended file) and uses a lot of Performance.
Also is there a way to get the soundvisualisation (left renderer) more randomly?

Thanks Frank

17122013_3.v4p (165.5 kB)

Not sure I understand your question.
To assign values to some slices - but not others - you might want to use SetSlice
Limit the colours? You are aware of the Map (Value), I assume? Or the mathematical FFT-Values *(something<1) +(somethingToShiftOutput)?

A good idea, for your own problem-solving as well as to get help, is to illustrate the problem or questionmark you have by boiling it down in a dedicated patch…

Map(Value) was the solution.

Thank you!