How to define 5 buttons input-information

Hej ho,

I got a little Problems to define digital and analog signals in vvvv with Arduino and StandardFirmata. I’ve appended the connection diagrams (one analog, one digital) of an array of 5 buttons and the *.v4p.
For the analog button array I get relative clean signals between 0-255 But I can’t figure out how to say vvvv if you get the value e.g. 61 from the 1st. button give me a “1” and for the 5th. button(value: 255) give me a “5” back to get this in a switch later.
The second challenge I have is to get only one “1” on triggering the button. At the moment I trigger the Buttons and v4 changes the color or Transformation continously.


Arduino Input (38.1 kB)

Look into the added patch.

The node you are looking for is togedge-(animation)

Analog Input example patch (6.6 kB)

Nice that is I was looking for.

Thank you!

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AnalogInputSpreads.v4p (4.0 kB)

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