How to debug with visual studio 2010?

Here are my steps:

  1. add environment variable like they said on

  2. clone a template(value) in vvvv.

  3. find the .csproj file and open it with vs2010

  4. Create a new configuration and Attach visual studio debugger to vvvv process according to debug vvvv plugins using visual studio 2005

But still can’t place breakpoints. And vs2010 doesn’t find any of the classes under the VVVV namespace.

How can I debug it with vs2010?
Any clue would be appreciated.

these threads are a little outdated. to debug a dynamic plugin, open the project explorer in vvvv (ctrl + j) and set the build configuration from release to debug.
open the project file of your dynamic plugin in visual studio, set the desired breakpoint and attach visual studio to the running vvvv.exe as a debugger (Debug -> Attach to process …).
move the mouse over one of the outputs of your plugin an the breakpoint should get hit.

@Elias It works! Thanks a lot!