How to deal with 720p HD .mov files?

I have a couple of video of performances I d like to edit and upload in my vimeo channel, but I ve tried a bunch of video editing programs and none really seems to be able to use the files: avidemux, virtualdub and almost anything I know on Linux. I don t have a Mac which I am sure would work.
The main problem is that the uadio gets out of sync…
Any idea?

My record combination was Cyberlinks MediaShow Espresso converting everything to mpeg2 then fast cut edit in tmpgenc MpegEditor, then media show again to convert whole file to mp4… Took me 38 mins on 1 hour 15 mins of HD.
I’m sure that this is too much iterations.
Normally if you have quicktime pro it’s just ctrl-c ctrl-v from quicktime window to quicktime window virtual dub style… check there is special markers on timeline to mark home end, then just save as movie!

oh yes!