How to control when synchronizer executes?

hi all,

I use the experimental synchronizer to create my objects from folders. I want to execute this at a certain point in my bootup sequence, but it runs on program startup regardless if I put it into an IF or a CACHE region.

Hello! Why do you think that it runs all the time regardless of IF/CACHE conditions?

I print out a log, and all the synchronizers write even before I can print my “Boot sequence started”

Idk why it happens. But have you tried putting it into a ManageProcess?

No, what is a ManageProcess?

Everything now working as expected. My log was triggered when the cache region first created the empty collection. The synchronizer ran when it was supposed to.

thx for managed process tip btw

Great that you have a solution!
Another hint would be to try the synchronizer as a node but not a region.

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