How to connect vvvv to unity3D via UDP (for using a gaming controller)

Hey Everyone,

is there anybody who knows how to connect vvvv via UDP to unity3D to implement a gaming controller?
Or is there another solution for this?

We built an app for iOS where we can look around via headtracking (using the Durovis Dive AR Glasses), but its not possible for us to walk around in this world yet. So we want to use a gaming controller via vvvv and UDP to communicate with Unity3d.

Rapha & Jan

Interesting. I have a few questions though: What did you use to builds the app? UNITY? Why do you need a bridge to vvvv if it’s done in UNITY? What kind of controller are we EXACTLY talking about? I know you can use normal PC controllers in vvvv as we did use them to control AR DRONES at the last NODE event. So all in all yes doable by why the bridge? Please explain the project in a bit more details… I am a VVVV and UNITY dev, hopefully I can help. peace

this could help ?