How to connect the blob of contour?


i want to know how to connect the xy of contour blob by use Line(GDI),
i try a lot of time but stil cannot work it,
and my english not good enough to know maybe someone slove this question already in this place,sorry!

thank you!!!


Use the Vector2Points Node.

It allow you to tranform X,Y to X1, X2, Y1, Y2

thank your comment,
i try that before,
but the effect like that…

i want they can be like a circle consit of line!!
thank you a lot!!!

Contour pratice.v4p (23.0 kB)

i think draw a line need a xy and next xy, how to get next xy to connection??

You needed a little more data going in to the vector2points node.

Contour pratice.v4p (23.2 kB)

thank for your comment!

i think i express not well ,haha
but i got my wanted effect,
it’s use the “connect” node

but it’s not perfect,
it connect more lines and i don’t how to let it does not connect!

thanks a lot!!

Contour pratice2.v4p (22.9 kB)

Sanch passed me a pretty sweet connecting lines patch a while back, I’ve made a couple of changes. Hopefully this helps you?

set connections per (8.4 kB)

oh! it so cool!
i will try it~

thank you very much!!!