How to connect 22 physical buttons to one vvvv machine?

Hey vvvvolks, I tried to connect 2 Joy Warrior boards to a single PC.
The Joy Warrior boards were not recognized as 2…Just works with a single Joy Warrior? Using beta 28 and 2 GameController nodes.
In the software Ventuz it’s possible to address each Joy Warrior board independently…This can not stand !:-)

So please any suggestions how to hook up 22 physical buttons with a single vvvv machine? The easy way --> Is there a Phidgets option?

thx guys

Phidgets manager node and 4 Phidgets 8/8/8 ?

IO-Warrior40 ?

or something out of the box ?

or use this with the firmata plugin

navation launchpad?

Thanks guys, as far as I understand 1 IOWarrior 40 would do, right?

Buttons will be custom on / off only !

Some soldering wouldn’t be the problem. Having just the IOWarrior40 node seems comfortable :-) So a yes for the Warrior?

If you don’t mind the soldering you could use a keyboard ;)

Most keyboards won’t handle lots of simultaneous key presses very well.

Depends on what you’re most comfortable with, I have no experience with the warrior boards or firmata protocol but any arduino with shift-register IC will work fine or if simple is more important than money the arduino mega as suggested would also work.

Use serial communication or if you want plug-and-play Midi/joystiq/keyboard emulation you could use arduino leonardo/micro or other atmega32u2/u4 boards like the teensy boards.

According to the linked article up to 8 keys at once should work.

@ bjoern. very cool article :-) a definite hack alternative. the io warrior 40 board seems quite compact, so i would like to go with it. as far as i understand the tech manual of the board it should work. Some user experience insights would be great though…has anyone used this board with the iowarrior40 node?

@u7angel: can the 22 buttons be connected to the 54 digital inputs of the arduino mega since 16 analog inputs wouldn’t be enough?

@jannis: concerning your last question, i don’t really get the point of the relation between digital/analog in!?
For the arduino(mega) this should be fine connecting them. What you would most likely need to do, is to check the StandardFirmata for the Mega, if it supports the configuration of all those pins - which i guess. What i can (sadly) asure you is, that the current implementation of the FirmataPlugin is maxxed to 2 ports on the board. That microcontroller speak means max of 14 digital inputs. Simply put: even the Mega will only have 14 usable digital ins.

As i am coding on the plugin at the moment, i am happy to pull in the extension for more ports :)
Concerning the ATMega chip even on the standard Arduinos, they can be configured to have a total of 18 digital inputs (14 digital - 2 for Rx/Tx + 6 AnalogIn).

All in all, i suggest going for the IOWarrior, if you do not have an Arduino handy; though i don’t have any experience with the Warrior…

…just don’t forget the resistors…

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sorry, just realized the doepfer link was wrong. 64 digital ins via usb using midi

@u7angel…ahhh, this looks pretty nice. i guess you used that before?

i used a few boards from doepfer in the past like the dial board. pretty solid stuff. never used the usb version but i guess this is even better cause you dont need an extra midi interface anymore.

There are several configurations of this type of panel buttons