How to compare and get the different for future date time to current date time?

Hi, I am a beginner of vvvv (Just start), and I would like to create a count down clock to compare a future date time to current date time, can any one give me some ideas on how to get start. thanks.

there’s a whole pack around the time-topic

you can use Gregorian (Astronomy Join) to input the “not now time” and then subtract that from the time you get from CurrentTime (Astronomy) and at the end use Gregorian (Astronomy Split) to get the time in a meaningful format

Thanks sunep, I found that node and using it to pack and unpack the time too.
I can say it is 90% work as this node is not decided for this purpose so the logic is not perfect.

My time compare logic is same as your suggestion but when the “not now time” is close to the current time, the result is not as my expected.

Thanks for helping and suggestion.

Hi guys, have a further question to complete my project.

I would like to create an if statement, if input A (num) is larger then input B (num) then pass a path to FileTexture.

Any ideas on how to create an if statement rather then using > < = for comparison? thanks

using comparison nodes is the right way to go. also read this:


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