How to clone CameraOrbit from Stride.Cameras ( as example )

So ive tried to copy the content of the OrbitCamera to a new process/patch trying to create a customized version of it but failed. I guess its not copying everything needed? ( strg-a → strg-c ) In this case - would it make sense to copy the file VL.Cameras.vl change its name and add the new camera inside a new document?

Another example would be changing the DefaultCompositorSetup , If i cant Clone it and SceneWindow my changes will affect my local Stride lib files.

The intension here would be to somewhat follow the same structure of the the patch as an example and not needing to start from scratch, while not overwriting it. Sort of like quickly cloning a shader in vvvv.

Looks like EditMode is internal, I think that is a mistake by us. thx for reporting.

Had a look at what happens when copying OrbitCamera to a fresh document:grafik
This is fixable though.
A good rule of thumb is this:
When copying a definition over to your own document, check the dependencies of the original document (in the navigation menu).
The CameraState (Split) is hidden in the VL.EditingFramework. After enabling the dependency on the fresh document it works.
We’ll recheck and make sure that most of the nodes can be copied and modified as easy as possible. Thanks again.

Edit: There’ll be a HowTo Build your own SceneWindow in upcoming builds.

I, actually think, that it’s quite vital for patching environment to have some handy cloning option.
Then it would make sense to have some modules as templates…

I guess the proper way would be is to inherit some patch from another patch, and override methods but guess it’s planned already?


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