How to chop an image and process pieces (and beginner questions)

Hello everyone, sorry if I post in the wrong section I’m very new to v4 (installed gamma yesterday) and I’m lost between all the versions of vvvv and the differences between skia dx opencv etc

I’m currently using skia (I think) I built a patch that generates a visual I like, now I would like to apply some changes on top of what I already made, first I would like to force the aspect ratio of my render to be square, how could I do that ?

And secondly my main question, I would like to slice up my render (1:1 apsect ratio) into evenly distributed squares and rotate them randomly to generate a new image is there any way of achieving that in v4 ?

Thank you very much !

Have a look at the Truchet Tiles tutorial. Should address at least some of your questions.

there are two versions of vvvv:

  • vvvv beta: supports both DirectX9 and DirectX11 engines for 3d rendering
  • vvvv gamma: for now only supports the Skia engine for 2d rendering

OpenCV is a ibrary for computer vision that also comes with vvvv gamma and is best used there.

you mean when changing the renderers window size with the mouse you want it constrained to be square? if so, i’m afraid there isn’t an easy way to do so yet.

that sounds like an obvious and simple request but i don’t think we have a simple answer to this yet…will investigate

Thank you for your replies things are getting clearer and clearer over time, I will try and dig deeper into the potential of v4 and hopefully get a grasp of what can easely be done and what’s harder.

Hi @lomn,

for now you can use ClipRect to clip the image. So I guess you fill your Renderer with Rectangles, then use these Rectangles for ClipRect. Each of them is clipping its image. Now you can rotate images or these clipping rectangles, or both.


And the patch:

ClippingImages.vl (16.0 KB)



Thank you very much this is not quite exactly what I needed but I’ll juste slice up my image beforehand and use your solution !

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