How to check if layer is in visible in EX9 renderer

I want to check if a layer is completly inside of a EX9 renderer or just a part of it. Is there a node to get this kind of layer information ?
Thank you for help

Do you mean check if a mesh is within the viewport of a renderer? If so try ‘ViewFrustumCulling - (EX9.Geometry Mesh)’

Yes, that helps me. But is there also a possibility to see if it´s completly in the renderer ?

The only thing that springs to mind would be splitting the mesh with a mesh split and vertex buffer, then using the same or similar test on each vertex, so see if all or none of them are ‘in’.

Bit tricky though as you cant make a spreaded mesh in vvvv, otherwise it’d be easy!

This is likely to be slow btw, especially with a large mesh

Someone else may suggest a streamlined solution of some kind…

Here ya go.

This works, though like I said it will be slow with a large mesh

View frustum cull edit 01.v4p (15.5 kB)

hello mrboni,

thank you a lot. I think that helps me too, but as you told it will be too slow.
i have the following problem.: i have 3d Text scrolling from right to left trhoug the renderer. i want to start the next textline when the richt corner of the first textmesh is inside of the renderer (or a little bit after that). i know now when the text enters the renderer, but i don´t know when the right end of the 3d text is in frame too. Any idea ?
I can´t find anything about “size” etc.

ah, i think with the “getMatrix” node i can get it.

If you need more help, post your patch