How to change source value after compare it

Hello again,

i face another problem in patching hehehe ok here is my problem.

i have a source value that come from mouse wheel, that mouse wheel control two linear spread(A and B) y position. i use switch node to control which spread to control it. first mode is control spread A and if i click mouse left button it change into spread B. the question is, if i scroll A into position 5 (value scroll wheel mouse is 5) and i click mouse left button it change into spread B in position 5 too and after that if i scroll B for example to position 10 and if i come back to spread A it change into 10 too. what i want to do is if i change again from B to A, how to manage the value position or scroll mouse stay in the last position of A not replace by value position B?

i have made a compare method but i just cant seem to figure out how to add that result of compare value to the value or position A

and here is my patch
compare.v4p (10.5 KB)

Thank you

you have to this with a frame delay loop and take not the actual mouse wheel value but the amount it travels by one frame
switch value output also quite useless in many cases i won’t recommend using it at all…
here check this one out…
feedbackbuffer.v4p (13.4 KB)

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woww thank you so much @antokhio .

i try configure it using counter, frame difference, < and > operator, and it work but your method way way more simple than mine hehehe and i will try your method and make a modification to be able to suite with my patch.

really helpful solution


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