How to change or discard alpha channel

How to change or discard alpha channel without a premultiplication? From png file for example


It doesnt work because of multiplication at some point

please share a patch and a .png with alpha channel to show this.
also please show us what you’re expecting to achieve.

@joreg I wouldn’t say it’s very relevant, but it’s an interesting question. Here is the file, it has RGB, but the alpha is zero. How do I get RGB in opencv or skia? I feel like it’s already more relevant to do it through fuse, but still.

And this is png
A 2 (0-00-00-00).zip (5.5 KB)

the opencv ImageReader has options to read the file. if i choose the AnyColor flag, i get an RGB-only image:


indeed, in skia i don’t seem to find such an option.

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