How TO can i copy this i VVVV

HI All

take a look at the first 2 min of [

I am looking at doing something like this using in VVVV

I have the green covered Muilty Touch plasma, the Green studio and the tec to do the keying ect.

What i want to do using VVVV in generate the two feeds one for the plasma that can be interacted with and one for the key background.

what i am trying to get my head round is how to have one render that is just the interactive bit in the middle then a second render that is the bigger image so the plasma is just showing a crop of the whole render.

i hope this makes sence

lol, just was doing exactly same concept, projecting 3d on green room hehe
took me a about 15 mins, basically you have, some studio that is a wall and plasma, so your take whole area as background, and you take your plasma witch is prolly located in 0,0,0 (because for your touches it’s prolly better to have it in there) then you can do multiply transform or move floor a bit down. Basically for plasma render you need inverse transform of your plasma quad on render for it. So you have render one witch is 3d and it’s whole scene and render two witch is plasma only.

here a screenshot of what i did