How to calculate gettin comercial for a noob

Hey there,
At first thank you so much for this awesome framework and Community!
I Love to learn with this toolkit. For me it’s incredible how fast to build a framework for a project on the one Hand, on the other hand, to get the ability with Vl to implement “deeper” algoritmics.
At the Point of view, where I stand, I can’t See restrictions for my own creativity, so i found a big playground for further adventures.
The projects I realized until now where all over all non comerical. Just for Fun and the Sprit.
But now I got a request for a job, including the question, what is my price .
So I have to start to calculate, and First Time for a Job that’s not so easy.
Additionaly to the question what I get for my Work, there is the question of license. i dont know If it would be needed a license for every PC in Project, for example I Work with boygrouping.

So how is it common?
What are your personal Prices for an hour of your Work and, what does it cost your clients in respect of the project size, you realize they’r wishes?

Are there “Standard” Prices for “overviewable” Projects for real small clients?
Sorry for my unknowledge and my english…

I hope these questions are okay… Wan’t to be fair to everyone…
Thank you


glad to hear you enjoy vvvv!

regarding your freelance rate, if you don’t get an answer here, i’d go look for general advice on how to calculate that. i’d guess there are quite some youtube tutorials on the topic…

all such licensing questions should be answered here:

for your specific question: yes, every pc in a vvvv beta boygroup setup needs a vvvv beta license.

one addition, usually the developer doesn’t buy/own the license. often the final customer will buy the licenses for their project to run publicly.

of course, you can buy them and pass the ownership on to the customer, if you want to offer the whole package.