How to build a simple rotation object primitive that does not exist in the standard library?

Can you please tell me if you have any ideas how to create such an object? I realised that this is a very difficult task, because I can’t make such an object to be affected by the environment - light, shadow. I get problems with normals. In general like I would like to have something like this in primitives.

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Maybe it has been already figured out in VL.Polytools?
Haven’t tried, but seems like the extruded paths are compatible with PBR materials

That’s where everyone sends me. I have to give this option a chance. But it feels a little wrong to me.

Looks like it’s basically what SegmentZ did in beta / DX11. Should be pretty easy to port. You can check out the sphere I added to VL.Addons as an example. If you go ahead and do it, please consider adding it to the addons :)

@bjoern can you suggest a nice way to build sharp edges?


Is this gamma / a port of SegmentZ?
It looks a bit strange.

No, one guy ported it from some Unity code

I looked at the SegmentZ code and it seems to me that I understand how the sharp edges were achieved — different faces built separately from doubled points?

TBH I didn’t really check the code. Only remembered SegmentZ and had a brief look at the help patch in beta.

for sharp edges you need one normal per point (per face). ie you cannot share the vertices, since they need different normals.

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Ah one thing I forgot to mention: If you do port from beta to gamma make sure to change the order in which the vertices are added from [1,2,3] to [1,3,2] because of coordinate system handedness (beta left handed / gamma right handed).

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Thank you, guys!
If it works out to port, I’ll let you know.
Let me know if you will port it in the future.