How to activate a toggle function when Kinect is tracking a user

Hi all!

i am a 3D artist, and i now trying to learning 4V and a little bit programming by myself. i really having a tough time without any basic knowledge of programming and node base editing.

i was trying to experiment on an installation where i have a self spinning 3d scan model in the centre of a screen and player will be able to interactively view this model base on player standing position. my reference is from Johnny Lee track-your-head-wkinect

base on this example i alright get almost what i want it to be, but i stock in an area where i was trying to create a toggle to switch between two different value for the x translation/ maybe camera rotation as well, the toggle should be driven by Kinect once it’s tracking a player. from my understanding so far, the toggle can be activate/deactivate when the input value is chance between 0 or 1. the problem is i have no idea where i can get this 0 or 1 value from Kinect output, i looked and tried at all possible connection from Kinect to toggle or through IO Box and output node, but no luck for me.

thank you for your attention and i wish you all the best


The Skeleton node (Microsoft) has an output which gives you this value.

or User (Kinect OpenNi) if you are using OpenNi drivers.

hi vasilis and sonostrano

thanks for your reply. i am using vvvv_45beta28.1 Kinect Openni for detection. i alright tried both “Skeleton”“User” to pass on the value. it seems to me user ID is the only output i can work on. it works when Kinect sees user, it switched to value 1 input, but when Kinect lost the user in view(see pic 1) what i get was not a zero, it looks like a circle with a slash in the center. the IO Box didn’t curry any number just an empty box, and the toggle would never switch to input 0.

that is why i was looking for an other node that will translate that output info into a number. please correct me if i did it all wrong.


you will need to use the avoidNil node.

many thanks vasilis. it works perfectly. ^^