How to accomplish this. ( video mapping)

In the video shows a particular effect ive always weanted to do, and id like to replicate with VVVV, any Pointers or cleus on how to?

Besides modeling the surface in 3d.
where do i go from here

Please help im lost x__x

so you want to know How To Project On Complex Geometry?

exactly could you help me out?
i read the article but it doesnt say much abotu the practical stuff.

In general its like you build up a 3d modell in virtual space in extact dimensions like it is in real world.
You need to know where is your projector position in real world, which lens and angle it has. And the dimensions of your desired surface.
This measures, you use for your patch, where you`ve got a 3d modell of your surface and a virtual camera using same values as your real projector has. There’s a node/subpatch called projector doing it.
Thats it. In theory, but its in the article written as well. In fact, its a lot about doing and trying it. I never did it, but for sure, its not an easy task, as you need to work accurate and need a good knowledge of 3d and V4 itself, lenses and optics.

As a starting point, just take a projector throw it to a door and repaint it inside V4 by using GDI lines. After that, try to rebuild that door as a 3d object.

After rereading this - I hope its not a too harsh answer. But its a complex matter and if you ask more in detail in smaller steps then its easier to help somehow.

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so i has these Triangles or polygons,i wanted to Animate the colouring inside of them, i was presenting the idea to a couple of friends, when i Traced them in photoshop and did some basic layering to enhance colors and stuff.

Excuse the pics, without the flash this cam is Pure crap//

oh :) and my dumbass friend tripped on the cable and ruined the position of the proyector which we took along time moving it with Socks, pieces of clothing and a Chair. :(

what i want to do is Have control of these sort of lightning and effects in VVVV. and im Talking basic coulouring not super complex patches of colors. i tried to model it in Maya, but i just cant do it I dont know how to take The reference For It. or how does the Proyector is represented in the Virutal Envirorment.
i did what the tutorial sugested, made the Rectangle of the screen proyected in the real objects, but i just dont know how to take the next step which is Modeling it. do I take a pic from the Proj’s POV and Redo it in 3d? do i have to use some guidelines?

do mind im on budget and this wall is temporary.
Scale experiments :)

the only way you’re going to get this done inside of vvvv is to work through the tutorials. With these basics you’ll understand the more practical stuff when it come to projecting onto complex geo.

Mapping is quite an advanced tech and experience with all the software involved will be your only route.

You may also need to learn how to model inside another 3D app. I’d suggest Blender as it’s free open source and got a really great community to help you too.

also read Undistorting Projections

Or if you have time for setting it up, then an easy way of achieving it would be:
place projector, set points inside V4 at the corners of every want-to-be-coloured plane. Make a screenshot or render it to a pic. Take that pic into Photoshop and connect points to get your planes. Colour rhis planes and save as pic. Take that pic insed V4 and show it with your projector.

Its easy and simple, but superficial and thus not expandable. And always this work to do at every new setup.

thanks frank adn thanks nitro, i redid some of the tuts i did not understand, and i do get this is Complicated for a n00b, but i really want this thing Moving :B

frank what do you mean not expandable?

It works for the one setup only. Only for this. So, new room OR new boxes = new work for everything.

For a quick and dirty aproach and a good way to start try creating lines in v4 (using the apropriate node. Transforming them in 2d to match what you are projecting on. As xd_nitro said, experience is crucial, some things may appear much easier than they really are! I’ll have to put a video of an experimental line map i did a while ago!

Please do Digipic. done what you guys did and im playing with colors.

i would reeeeeeeally would want to see that :).