How play midi and extrac the midi note

Hi guys.

I see that If I use the FileStream (Dshow9) and conect the midiOut (Dshow9) I can rerproduce the midi track.
My Question is. If I reproducing the midi track with vvvv it’s possible at the same time extract the midi note (for example my idea it’s turn a led coresponding to a key piano keyboard when the midi is play).


on the top of the io links page you get some links to midi-tools which could help with your request. you’ll have to make vvvvs midi-playback be routed back to vvvv and than use the MidiIn nodes to retreive notes…please ask again if you need more details.

Hey Jordimarto

I need exactly the same functionality, so i thought ill try it out and i got it to work.

You need to get loopbe1 from here so you can output to a virtual midi port and then use that as the input again.

Then you just use 2 filestreams with the same file and connect play and everything to both.

Ill attach the patch i just made. I still dont quite get why midi note needs the weird cross thing, but ok it just works like that. In midi channel select which channel you want.

Hope it all makes sense :)


patch, screenshot, test midi file (60.6 kB)

loopMIDI is a nice and free alternative to loopbe.
see here

You need that weird if you want to receive on more than one midi channel. if you like in the example only need one channel, you can just attache the channel number to the channel input and then the I spread to the note input.

and as an alternative to LoopBe and LoopMIDI, I prefer MIDIyoke, but I guess that is down to taste. just remember to disable UAC when installing on win7 and onwards.

but that said, a more direct way to extract midi would be a lot nicer to have.


I will check out loopMIDI - it looks good as well. Just went for loopBe1 because it was the only one in the links on the io page that worked with Win7 64 bit. The loopBe1 version is free as well, just the larger version isn’t.


thanks for finally clearing that up :) it’s taken from a patch i’m working on where i need to receive on all channels and normally midi files have more than one instrument as well. it was actually just the example file i included that is only piano.

i did check the midiox website, but it seemed very much out of date. The last update was more than 5 years ago, so i didn’t think it would work on 64 bit windows.

@seltzdesign Midiyoke is working fine on my win7 64bit system. I haven’t triedn on win8 yet.