How ot receive DMX on Enttec USB Pro

I am trying to read DMX data from the Enttec USB Pro but can´t get it right.

so what exactly seems to be your problem? what have you tried? how did you fail?

dmx input.v4p (18.2 KB)
I started from the usual output patch looking at the DMX data coming from the serial node but I get over 3000 slices and garbage data.

there is a very old “Receiver Patch” for the enttec USB Pro from West here

Did you try this already ?

Ok working fine thanks, I have to admit that it would have taken me some time to fiddle with the DMX specs to get that. It is working although there seems to be some issue on with framerate. I have ot debug that and report back.

Go artnet, it’s a bit more expensive, but a lot easier

Have you try OpenDMX node?

So far I can´t understand why the frame rate is so slow, about 5fps, there is no problem with the patch frame rate, just with the incoming data.

@sunep this is what we had at hand but it is something I will have to buy at some point

@antokhio OpenDMX is only for sending

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