How is it to start vvvv with the dx9ex command line option?

I have to create a batch file that contains:

vvvv.exe /dx9ex


start vvvv.exe /allowmultiple /dx9ex

And there is a way to check if VVVV works well in a shared resource?

the start is not needed
the /allowmultiple is only needed if you want to run multiple instances of vvvv next to each other

see the helppatch of SharedTexture (EX9.Texture) to see if it works.

feature request: add all possible commandline shortcuts to the start_with_demo.bat

@sebl, but they are all here: commandline parameters

of course. it may be just comfortable to have them included in every release - especially in offline situations.

in the days of old a list like that would have been found at vvvv.exe /help

Since some parameters are already being listed in the Args (VVVV) Helppatch, this could be a nice place for such a list.

i had the config.sample principle in mind. a sample config providing easy and quick editing (un/commenting) besides some explanations. once you’re done customizing your startup-args, just save it under a different name.