How dx9 texture can act like png images?

When i group two meshes in a renderer and applying the right transforms
the one gets in front of the other and i get the right result in a 3d space.
If i attach each mesh in a texture and then group two textures quads i dont get the same result.

Is there a way to blend the quads
Or to blend the textures and apply them as one, getting the same result?

texture_transparent.v4p (16.6 kB)

like this?

texture_transparent fix01.v4p (17.2 kB)

forgot to say I also disconnected the blend node as it’s unnecessary

The evil vvvv devs have made the Texture format pins, in the DX9Texture node hidden.

So if we make a renderer Background colour transparent (alpha=0) and than make that a texture using a format with an A in it, and than you overlap those two, you get the result you want.

And if you now save that texture as a PNG file, you can save the transparency!! (use Writer texture, and set it to png)

texture_transparent-2.v4p (17.8 kB)

Thank you.
Inspektor is my friend!