How does [Select (PostgreSQL Network)] work? i dont get any values

i’m trying to get x,y coordinates from a PostgreSQL DB via the [Select (PostgreSQL Network)] node.

I do get the column names, but not the values.

opening the help pacht for that node, shows the node with two additional output pins, that seem to relate to the table we are selecting from. how do i get those extra pins?

screenshot: left = help patch, right = my patch. notice the Select node on the left has two pins named “FirsName” and “Surname” which i gues correspond to the columns in the table vux used for this example. No similar pins appeared for my query.


The last sentence of the help patch tells you how to add those pins. Select the node and have a look at the Field Names config pin with the Inspektor.

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ups, thanks! hehe

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