How do you 'save as' an effect

I don’t be able to clone a template fx to be able to edit it, TF say control and click, but that does nothing, alt and click duplicates it but its still read only, and there’s no save as, often I will save as to my project folder to stop things going missing when moving projects around so opening an fx in the patch and then saving it as another file name etc isn’t possible, or am I going about this wrong?
I also miss the compile while running, I make a LOT of typos, so it really helps! :(

In fact
‘so go to node menu and make ctrl+enter or ctrl+click to clone one besides your patch…’
What does this mean, node menu? Theres copy paste and duplicate, in the middle button menu, but no clone
and ctl and click or enter do nothing either… I’m confused!

Ah ok, you clone in the node browser, ok, still like to save as though ;)

Ah, its saves to your project by default, nice, although I Still want save as…
But Why does this shader I just wrote in 24.1 not work, when I copy and paste the code into beta23, it works as expected…

Mask.fx (3.0 kB)

true, Save As… in the codeeditor is still missing. but as you found out already cloning an effect already places it in your projects dir by default.

we had to get rid of autocompile for some reasons for now…in the meanwhile try getting used to ctrl+s…

your shader works for me in beta24.1 as is. how does it “not work” for you?

Hmm I just get a white square, it dosen’t show the source image at all just the mask image. Maybe I need to delete the cache again?

Can you tell if deleting the cache folder did the trick for you? I am asking because I am still suspicious of that folder. I have developed the habit of deleting it frequently because its absence seems to make shader hassles less likely. I haven’t really been able to prove that yet, though.

(And btw, what exactly do these .cache files do??)

Yes deleting the cache folder made the fx work, so we need a refresh cache command now too!