How do you do that !?

How did “VVVV Developer; Sebastian Neitsch” do it ? any hints ;) not the

projection the content !!

I dont want to do it am a beginner but i want to know what path should i take!

please be kind :-)

this is where you start >

did that ! im talking about the content ! ! did he do it on vvvv or on somethign else ?

i think that he could have done the mapping in vvvv and draw all the geometry and the animation with some 3d software…3ds max maybe?..

hi, this is sebastian!

crash is absolutely right, well almost! We used cinema 4D to create the content, rendered it with the right camera-perspective and I mapped it in V4. But you could try to get similar outputs in V4, using shaders like the SoftShadows.fx by flux -->

But than you need a very strong gfx-card or you also pre-render the content.
Anyway, of course most 3D-softwares let you create more realistic looking content if you can live with the long render-times…

Strukt did a similar project in Vienna, would be interesting to know how they did it–>

kleinkariert, i am a big fan of the peace i think it is the best video mapping online! simple, clean and genius ! thank you for your reply !!

i am a big fan of you man ! !

And oh thanks guys for answering ! ! :-)