How do I store a 4 letter number

Hey maybe this is the most stupid question every ?
but I dont have the capabilities to solve this by myself.

I need to store a number (0012 for example) to show a picture via get slice on a quad. This number should be entered via a USB Numpad first 4 numbers than enter to confirm the input

Greetings Johannes

I some time ago needed something like this to input a string into a patch (and it also took me pretty long to find a way). I already added a “AsValue” to convert the string to a number.
The look of the application I wrote the patch for was the classic look with a blinking cursor.

“Backspace” to correct wrong inputs
“enter” to finish input - cursor disappears
“escape” to start new input - display clears

The attached patch uses my module “Keyboard (System Global Typo_33beta81_050123).v4p”.
If you delete all the entries for letters in the “data-spreads” of this module and only keep the entries for the numbers you can even block wrong inputs.

Sorry - the modul and patch is a little messy and undocumented and perhaps there is an easier way , but maybe it helps.


Hey thank you

wow looks quite interesting

I think that is much more than I need but I think it is a good starting point
Thank you