How do I get two videos playing at the same time?

I am just having difficulty working out how i can get two avi files playing at the same time? At the moment I am using a FileStream > Videotexture > Quad, I’d like to layer another video on top of that in another shape.

Sorry if this is a super stupid question, I really appreciate the help I’ve been getting around here. Is there any kind of in depth tutorials I can do to grasp some of the deeper concepts and potentials of VVVV? Don;t want to pester too much lol

copy those nodes and voila you have 2 videos playing at the same time. Or use filestream vlc and you can even spread that

I tried doing this but my second filestream was coming up red. Any suggestions?

I got it working, using one filestream and one filestream2 running through a group and into the renderer. Is this the best way to do it? Is it possible to put three videos over the top of each other in theory?

just use filestream vlc :P single vlc node can play back multiple videos, you will get a spread of textures out of it

it shouldn’t, there is no such restriction. please share a simple patch that demonstrates this.

see the examples in: girlpower\Video specifically:


Here is an example :p

is there any VLC settings I need to change for set-up that I may have missed?

Is the vlc player (64Bit Version) installed on your system?

I love you. I had 32Bit, now with 64 its working

most helpful forum ever

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