How did you learn vvvv

Hey there! Hoping you have a great day. I wrote to ask to many of you that have developed an advanced level at coding with this awsome program. I’been reading some of the manuals and experimenting by myself but i find it too hard to understand the concepts and to unveil the creative potential of this. I feel like I’m floating in the middle of the sea. So, how was your learning progress and the resources that lead you to become better at coding. I’ll be so greatful!.

Sorry for the bad english, not my first language. Bye!!

Think of a problem, then try to solve it with vvvv.
Ask in the forum when stuck; also look at patches posted here.
Right click on modules and look at what happens in there. Do the same with effects and plugins when possible.
Step by step you’ll get a grasp on c# and hlsl.
Read documentation and follow youtube tuts.
Creativity will bloom at some point.

select node and press ;)

thanks h99!! That recommendations really help, I’ll try them as often as I can! The last line is so nice

m4d I do it all the time and it helped but I understand like 15% of the total explanation hahhaha

sorry, it wasn’t meant sarcastic. that’s actually the way i learnt vvvv. that and ofcourse by reading the forum.

F1, beers, coffee and pilgrimage to Node at least once on your life, getting wasted in Berlin is optional but strongly adviced.

Do the Basic tutorials for one year straight, again and again. Break help patches and girlpowers

thanks for all you responses! I’ll give it the time to get trough all this learning process

when i remember back i think after three weeks of youtube tutorials and help patches i got the feeling that i could do a little bit things on my own. so it can be realy fast. just take your time regularyl with a tea in the afternoon for example.