How create multiple individual windows/renderer ( no tab )


I wonder how create multiple “individual” windows/renderer, aka not in the same tab.

What I have now :

I want the same but Renderer1 & Renderer2 in 2 different windows.

Thanks for your help


that happens when you duplicate the Renderer node in the patch. these windows are then docked, because they have exactly the same position. undocking with normal windows should work with alt+dragging the window out of the docked area. unfortunately this does not work with the DX11 renderer.

to remove docking, delete one of the renderer nodes and manually recreate it from the nodebrowser. the new one most likely does have a different position then and will appear as a separate window.

info regarding docking can be found here:

correction to what motzi said: it also works to undock dx11 renderers by ALT-dragging in the area next to the tabs (just not in the main renderer area)

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