How could i do this?

hey its me again, the stupid one…
spaming a bit to much these days but cant get it, so …

the thing with the lines are just getting me freaking out!
now i attached a patch with one simple question, how could i do this with using only one bezier-spread, or just a other method to create several bezierlines for putting a spread into it and change the heigh maybe…

please watch the patch

thanks :(

beziertest.v4p (8.0 kB)

i’m afraid the bézierspread interprets all incoming values as part of a single curve. you could create several independent curves with only one node by smart arrangement of the ‘control’ points on each curves start- and endpoint (so that they don’t influence each other) and removal of any extraneous output (e.g. all the points belonging to the ‘connections’ between curves that will be calculated) afterwards. i don’t know wether the beziérspread behaves in a nicely predictable way that would allow such a thing, though.

any way to create multiple bezier lines would be nice, iam just stucking…

i found a patch who helps me alot, the only thing i doesnt understand is, why needs every single line 4 points? where can i control this? the binsize of the line cant be the answer in this case … (2.6 kB)

can’t look at the patch because I’m on osx at the moment … try to feed the binsize with a spread which is analog to the controlpoints of the lines.

got it … using a 3 point line combined with a b-spline


beziertest2.v4p (11.0 kB)

Hehe, and I just wanted to say, use a vector 4D join if you want to keep the first and place on the same location. (3.4 kB)