How can texturising dynamicBuffer Emitter with Geometry texture File as geometryEmitter does

I will appreciate it if anyone notice me a way to assign File texture to dynamic Buffer emitter like combination of (geometry buffer and geometry emitter) does, I want to color every vertex with sprite or any… , I use position Buffer come from dynamic buffer emitter because (geometry Buffer + geometry emitter) reduce Frame Rate a lot ! but now I cant figure out how can have Texture colored sprites at the end !!

pp-3.v4p (34.7 KB)
the patche uploaded here.

You want to colour your points from the texture of the origianl object? You can possibly do that in your 3d software by baking the texture into vertex colors and then using them in the shaders, you have to edit the shaders to read the vertex colours and put them into the particle buffer. Or you could try and pass the texcoord for each vertex through the particle shaders and read them in the draw shader. I usually bake into the vertex buffer.


Its is done in the Hlsl shader, no c# needed ( but shader coding instead!) I’ll try and find an example for you…

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Sorry for the delay. Here is an example.

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Hi catweasel
It works fine with .ply file but what I looking to is that it works with particle system then I can manipulate them…I tried to connect shader Node to Layer emitter but there was not good result !
I will attach a patch which works fine except Frame rate
if you have any advise to make it increase
thanks moshir07.v4p (36.8 KB) a lot

Hi all,
I also have the problem. I try many times, but didn’t get it. Is it possible to colored Emitter(dynamicbuffer) with Texture?

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