How can I output bang in Switch(Value Output)?

I’m going to make some logic.
it looks easy. but I can’t find a way.

I want to use only one key.(for example ‘number 5 key’)
when I pressed the key first, process-1 should starts.
when I pressed the key second, process-2 should starts.

process-1,2,… is starting by bang signal.
I think using Keyboard - KeyMatch - Switch - IOBox logic.
but it doesn’t works.
Switch(Value Output) node continuously has output data after it has output data once.
I was expecting it would be having data by only switch value.

faq patching#how do you make a toggle iobox switch values only when it is triggered by a bang iobox
this looks related for my situation. maybe. but I don’t know what to do.

how can I make my logic.
Is there anyone to help me?

SwitchValueOutput-LogicQuestion.v4p (9.0 kB)

If you have a fixed number of outputs a peakspread + unzip should do the trick.

@everyoneishappy thanks!
that is what I am looking for.
I also found MultiToggle(Animation) node.