How can i open the patch-window

sorry for this very stupid question, but it´s the first time i use vvvv and i opened the vvvv.exe but i can only see the renderer with this moving-thing… and not the patch-window, i tried ctrl+O, ctrl+N nothing happend. in the arg.exe ist this text: /o girlpower\autosnake.v4p
maybe this helps. i even deletet the arg.txt and tried the shortcuts but nothing appeared. i´m sitting now 2 hours in front of my pc and try to get this patch-window opened, but nothing happens :( please help me. thank you very much!

Yes, delete the Args.txt file, that is a good start.

The grey empty window, well, that is your patch field.

What OS are you running?

i deleted the arg.txt again, but the problem is - there is no grey empty window, there is nothing only my desktop :( i see the vvvv “button” down in my taskbar but if i click on it nothing happens, nothing appears (i have windows vista maybe this is the problem?)

Do you have DirectX installed?

yes i installed it before, because at the beginning always the error was showed that any .dll is missing and so i installed the directX version wich is linked from this page

as a vista user you have to rightclick the vvvv.exe and run it once at administrator. but there was another issue with no patch window, search the forums for it if nothing helps.