How can I input Korean Language with keyboard?

Keyboard node outputs English normally.
but, I need to get Korean Language from Keyboard.
In windows, although I changed to Korean Type Mode, Keyboard node outputs English always.
so how can I receive Korean String values from Keyboard node?

I think this issue contains about any other language except for alphabet based language.
After question, I tried in alpha 3.12 x86.(Core 62d4c24f86, addon 62d4c24f86)
there are more nodes about Keyboard.
Keyboard(Device Window)
Keyboard(Device Desktop)

In help patch, by chance, I checked Keyboard(Device Window) could get Korean and Chinese.
but Keyboard(Device Desktop) didn’t get Korean, got just only alphabet like vvvv beta version.

I wonder why it is possible to enter Korean or Chinese.

and Is possible to move only these Keyboard nodes to vvvv beta version?
(I heard alpha version is unstable.)

If you need to make use of an input method editor provided by your operating system you’ll be limited to the Keyboard (Devices Window) node.
The Keyboard (Devices Desktop) node uses a completely different API which doesn’t know anything about generating characters out of keystrokes.

Regarding your last question: You should find both nodes Keyboard (Devices Window) and Keyboard (Devices Desktop) in the current beta version (beta32).

Hello @Elias.
Thank you for commenting.
I checked Keyboard(Device Window) in beta version.
and could input Korean.
Thank you.