How can I get Vector2 out of Skia or Stride?

Dear vvvvirtuosos!

I’m controlling a showlaser by sequentially sending xy coordinates and color values.
Since I’m totally new to vvvv I would like to know what options I have to create those values while having as much creative possibilities as possible.
For now I’m able to use SKPaths and convert them to Vector2 by using SamplePath. But SamplePath is very limited to only the first shape of the Path, right? Is there an elegant way to convert all Paths or a whole Skia Layer to Vector2? I only found SVGWriter to convert a Skia Layer to coordinates, but that writes to disk, not to something I could parse in realtime.

Or what if I would use Stride instead of SKIA? Is there a way to get out a flattened 2D representation of a 3D scene as Vector2-values? Like a wireframe or outline rendering of a scene?

Thank you!!!

Have not checked the nuget myself yet, but maybe VL.Polytools might be helpful for you?

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Thanks a lot @chk, I’m playing with it! Looks very promising!!
If anyone has further suggestions or even an idea how to get Vector2 out of Stride I’d be very thankful :)