How can I difine a plane model from the equation (ax+by+c=z) in vvvv?


How can I make (set) a plane model from the plane equation (ax+by+c=z) in vvvv?

I’ve been working on a project like below.
1.acquiring point cloud of a rigid plane by kinect
2.finding a plane equation (ax+by+c=z) applying least square method
3.setting a plane model on that equation in the 3D scene

Should I use another equation (not ax+by+c=z)?

(a,b,-1) is one of the normal vector.
Can I define the 3D plane model from the normal vec in vvvv?

Thanks for your considering my question :)

first thing you need to think about is how your plane should look like? you can probably use a grid or a quad to display it.

in that case you need one position on the plane and the normal vector to calculate a transformation matrix for the quad or grid geometry. the translation part is a position on the plane and with the normal vector and the Polar (3d) node you can calculate the rotation.

a quick google search will give you the conversion from the regression plane to a vector form. you can either patch that or write a dynamic plugin for that.

Thanks for your quick reply!

and Polar node helped a lot. The input value is (a,b,-1) and the result is the rotation parameter for the definition of the plane, is it true? :)

Actually I apply perspectivelooatRect (contribution:track-your-head-like-johnny-lee) to the plane equation but this is defined same as another plane models like quad.

Thanks a lot!