How can I calculate Stride Physics on a separate thread?

Hi again, I’m doing some physics for a player input but I’m noticing that about once a second the program stalls slightly. The FPS drops from 60 to 45fps. The profiler shows Gen1 memory getting garbage collected every second…When I turn off the physics the project runs smoothly (actually sometimes it runs smoothly with the physics on too and I have no clue why). So:

I would like to run the physics calculations on a separate thread, but running the physics part of the scene in a Foreach(Reactive) its own SceneTexture (Size 64x64) pauses the program.

F8+F5 doesn’t remove the error, so I guess its a thread safety issue. I don’t suppose it is possible to calculate the physics without the Stride core process handling all the system. But any ideas how to stop the stalling or separate the processes?

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