How about the stability of the alphas

I know the alpha download page states “Don’t use for production!” but my current project heavily depends on the html texture node … so, I can live with crashes while in production (which sometimes happens) but could you give me a rough estimation about how stable the system runs in general (if nobody touches anything).

any nodes where it’s know that they are in an unstable condition?


p.s.: I know this question is hardly to answer ;)

well we try to keep the develop branch (alpha builds) stable, but once in a while some major changes get merged in (like the recent unicode update) which could turn things upside down. if you need to use the alpha builds for production, i’d advise you to disable the exception dialog (/showexceptions false) and only move to a newer alpha version if you experience major issues or you read in the forum that some annoying bug you experienced too got fixed. we also try to record all node and pin renamings in the difff.xml file, but sometimes we miss to do so or forget to increase the version number of vvvv and suddendly your patches break when moving to a new revision.

hard to tell how stable the system runs. depends on many factors. sorry, no good answer for that one.

"disable the exception dialog (/showexceptions false) " … good hint, read about that before but totally forgot about that.

Well in a few days we’ll see if everything goes smooth … date to be announced.

Thanks for answering!