Host for vvvv Workshop in Yerevan/Armenia in July needed

Hi everybody,
I was supposed to host a 2 weeks workshop at the TUMO Center for Creative Technology in Yerevan from July 8th - 19th.
The target group are 15 - 20 participants between the age 16 and 18 who have experience with programming and web development - this workshop is part of their highschool education.

Unfortunately, I can not make it, but participants signed up already and I don’t just want to tell the super nice organizers at TUMO to cancel the workshop!

So if you

  • have time from July 8th - 19th
  • can host a beginner workshop vvvv
  • want to teach a group of motivated 16 - 18 yearolds who have pre-experience in programming and webdev
  • want to travel to Armenia
  • be part of the great atmosphere at TUMO
  • support TUMO which is a great initiative for public complementary education in the creative industries

Additional info:

  • The workshop takes place every week day from 11 am to 3pm. (10 days/4hours each day)
  • There is no fee but travel, a flat in Yerevan and food for the whole 2 weeks.

please let me know ASAP!

Extra Goodie:
I organized my travel from Vienna to Yerevan by train. It’s a beautiful 8-day trip through Rumania, Bulgaria and Turkey. I can not give you my tickets but help you to organize it.
TUMO pays for it as they would for a plane ticket.

Hi, i’m technicaly interested, my origin is Moscow Russia, can do english or Russian. I’m traveling with my girl.

Contact via Skype, Facebook, gmail antokhio

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Great, I texted you on skype.